House plants for low light

House plants for low light

Looking for a plant to survive in a low-light space? Do you have an office or living room with little to no windows? Or do you simply have a North-facing house that receives little sunlight? 

Below are our Top 5 low-light house plants! Starting at number 5, we'll tell you exactly what each plant needs to survive in your home. 

#5: Pothos. This plant is an easy-to-grow, trailing plant. Water it once every 1-2 weeks. This plant actually thrives in poor conditions, meaning it can handle neglect and little watering. It is also easy to propagate if you want to make more plants! 

#4: Spider Plant. This plant loves to be left alone, and makes babies that can be cut off and replanted! This is another trailing plant, so it is best in a pot that can hang or spill over. It's bright, variegated leaves will brighten any dark room! 

#3: Philodendron. Philodendron comes in many varieties such as Cordatum and Lime. These are simple plants with beautiful heart-shaped leaves. Lime Philo will definitely add a pop of color while Coradtum is a little more classy with glossy green leaves. 

#2: ZZ Plant. This fun and unique plant is drought resistant and has elegant green foliage. This plant would do best in a pot where it has room to multiply wider. It's new shoots are a more vibrant green, turning dark green as they get older. 

And finally... our Number One plant to grow in low light... 

#1: Snake Plant. Snake Plants come in many different sizes and varieties. They are super simple plants, and can handle neglect. Snake plants grow vertically, so they do best in a spot where they can shoot up. They are also easy to propagate and occasionally send out new shoots that you can put in a different pot. This is definitely the best option for low-light rooms! 

Click on the links above to see pictures of each plant or purchase online. Stop by the Nursery to hand-pick your favorite variety!

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