Bonsai Mix 4qt


Espoma Organic Bonsai Mix is a blend of the finest natural ingredients including Calcined Clay and Expanded Shale. Specially formulated for all Bonsai, it helps improve moisture retention and aeration so roots can grow and plants can thrive. This produce is ready to use and requires no mixing. 

  • All natural potting mix
  • Ready to use – no mixing
  • Provides optimum aeration & drainage
  • For all Bonsai

Early Spring is the best time to repot. Bonsai are grown in small containers which can become filled with roots restricting the plants ability to take water and nutrients from the soil.  Lifting the plant out of the container you may find the roots in a circular pattern and there may be a dense root mass with little soil around the edges and at the bottom.  When you notice this, it is time to repot and prune roots. Some varieties will need to be repotted every 2-3 years; others can go as long as 5 years.

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