Digital Renderings

Digital Renderings

A Professional Solution

For a total landscape design, we recommend the computer rendering option. Our Landscape architects upload photos of your house/landscape into our computer software and place mature plants onto it with regards to sun exposure, space, and your interests. This option begins at $495 for 4 full frames/pictures of your landscape, and includes up to 3 edits per frame to ensure the plants and layout are exactly what you want.

With this option you'll be able to see what your landscape will look like in 2-3 years when the plants reach maturity.

Some recent examples:

Information we will need:

-Address, phone number, and email address  

-Full picture of house or landscape to be designed (example below)

-Close pictures of beds, crevices, or areas to be designed 

-Length and depth of beds or planting space (example below)

-Sun exposure

-Any other pertinent information (height of windows, water spigot location, drainage issues, trees not pictured that may cause more shade in the area, etc.) 


To request our Digital Rendering Service, please contact us at (828) 874-0679 or by email at:

Subject Line : Landscape Design

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