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PermaTill is not a repellant or bait. It is a physical barrier system that protects bulbs and roots without restricting growth. The PermaTill barrier dramatically reduces vole damage while adding permanent aeration, improved drainage, and nutrient holding capacity to soils. We are talking about VOLES. Not moles.

Are your plants leaning or falling over because roots are being gnawed? Or are they mysteriously disappearing? If so, you may have voles. The pine vole, (Microtus pinetorum) is becoming a bigger problem in the landscape as increased development reduces their natural habitat and they become more adapted to our backyards.

Use PermaTill to stop vole activity around your plants. Instructions below. 

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  • Calculate annual bed area: length x width x desired depth for the total volume of soil to be amended for vole control. 
  • Multiply that number by .5 (1/2) to get the total volume of PermaTill needed.
  • Example: For root depth of 8-10" - spread 4-5" of PermaTill on the surface and thoroughly till into the soil. PermaTill VoleBloc particles will not float to the surface or degrade over time.
  • Only one application needed for season to season year after year protection.

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