Sales & Design
Allie's favorite color is aqua. She has a dog, cat, 16 chickens, 2 ducks and 2 bunnies. She and her husband,
Caleb, have been married 3 years in October! Their dream is to have a full farm eventually!
When I asked what her favorite plant was, she couldn't choose!! She loves them ALL!!!!
Allie is a superstar and can do anything related with the business. We just love her!


Sales & Design
Beth is a good ole country girl from Vale, NC. She loves hardwork, and short walks on the beach.
Just kidding! If she's not at the nursery then she's probably home working in the garden, feeding
her chicks and ducks! Beth holds a Master of Agriculture from NCSU and she's always
looking to introduce new ideas into the business. Hooray for Beth!
Beth at Settlemyre Nursery

Marketing & Brand Awareness
Kalie loves all things outdoors from kayaking to biking to hiking. She has 1 dog and
3 chickens and hopes to have a homestead one day. Purple is her favorite color and
sunflowers are her favorite flower.

Nursery Operation
Git er Done Donnie shows up early, stays late, and is willing to do anything you need!
Donnie enjoys time with his family. You can find him fishing in his spare time.
He is also a volunteer firefighter.
Donnie Settlemyre Nursery

General Mangers
That title goes to Schyler and Henry Settlemyre, the up and coming fourth generation farmers.
Brandon & Michelle love their family, and their supierior staff. When not running the business
they enjoy spending time with their lovely boys, fishing at the pond, or just relaxing!
Brandon and Michelle Settlemyre

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