Our Guarantee

We strive to maintain all plant material at the highest possible quality. We guarantee that all material sold is insect and disease free and was in good health at the time of purchase.

Return Policy

No warranty, replacement, or refund is offered on any purchase, as we cannot control circumstances that may follow. However, we welcome any questions or concerns you may have following your purchase. At first sign of wear or decline, please contact our staff. We are eager to help answer questions and hopefully solve any issues to ensure that your plants live and thrive for many years to come. 

Holding Policy

If you have purchased plants and have requested that we hold them for you, they will be pulled into a designated holding area at the discretion of the Settlemyre Nursery staff. The plants will be clearly labeled with a piece of sold tape with your name written on it. We ask that you please pick up your material within one week of the purchase date. If the material is not picked up within two weeks, a Settlemyre Nursery staff member will call you to remind you of your purchase.

If the material has not been picked up after four weeks, the plants will be taken out of the holding area and put back into inventory. We thank you for your cooperation.

(We do understand there are occasional circumstances that would require a longer holding period. If this is the case with your purchase, an agreed time frame must be discussed with a Settlemyre Nursery staff member at the time of purchase. Settlemyre Nursery reserves the right to agree or disagree with a suggested hold period based on current season and availability.)


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